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Japan Food Trips is the only food tour experience of its kind, offering you a taste of Japan's best culinary dishes at hidden local gems.

The Trips 





Day Trippers



Nakameguro Day Trip

As a local living in Nakameguro, it is my pleasure to show you this amazing neighborhood that I have called home for the last several years. Always at the top of the list for coolest places to live in Tokyo, this buzzing suburb is packed with quaint eateries, tiny bars, and coffee shops. Think chic boutique clothing shops, fun places to drink along the river, traditional sweets shops, and even a vintage kimono shop if that tickles your fancy.

I begin the trip at one of my favorite third wave coffee shops, after which we go to what I consider to be one of the best hidden bakeries in the world. Throughout the trip, we will stroll along Nakameguro’s famed river, lined with cherry blossom trees and charming cafes. From there we will have a set meal at one of my favorite restaurants and then continue onto other snacks, boutiques, and sweets along the way. This is a fluid trip that constantly changes due to the many options we have. The world is our oyster!

Where: Nakameguro

When: 10am - 2pm

What: All food and drinks are included on this tour. You will have a full lunch set, as well as coffee and other delicious snacks such as Taiyaki, Ice Cream, Croissants, and/or Karaage. Lunch options available are: Handmade Gyoza, Wagyu Beef, Sushi, Shabu Shabu, Yakitori Don, Artisanal Ramen, or Japanese Curry.

*This tour also has the available option of changing the lunch course to a high end bib gourmand Omakase Sushi Experience for an additional $85 per person (please request in booking checkout message).

Price per person: $165 per person (Solo groups require an additional $80)

Add on a special sake tasting option here


Night Trippers



Nakameguro Night Trip

On the evening trip we explore the young hip dinner scene of Nakameguro. Hidden streets full of lantern lit izakayas and bistros along the Meguro river make this a picture perfect setting. We begin our trip with a bite at one of my favorite local spots. Choose from a fresh lemon sour, whiskey highball, or a plum wine to whet the appetite and start things off the way the locals do at a secret Japanese Kushiage bistro hiding along the river. After that, we move onto my favorite Yakitori shop, serving some of the best chicken wings and Tsukune in Tokyo. In between bites, we will stroll the beautiful Nakameguro rive, enjoying the quaint atmosphere. Finally we round things out a standing craft beer bar with snacks or a gyoza spot with Japanese Whiskey. This is a fluid trip that constantly changes due to the many options we have, but various foods available to try are wagyu yakiniku, yakitori, ramen, gyoza, sashimi and more. You have the option of being dropped off at a secret bar when the food trip concludes for that perfect extra night cap if you wish.

Where: Nakameguro

When: 5pm - 9pm

What: All food and beverages are included on this tour. Expect to eat and drink things such as: Yakitori, Gyoza, Wagyu Beef, Craft Beer, Sake, Karaage, Taiyaki, Black Sesame Ice Cream, and more.

*This food tour also has the available option of including a high end bib gourmand Omakase Sushi Experience for an additional $165 per person. Please request in booking checkout.

Price per person: $195 per person (Solo groups require an additional $100)

Add on a special sake tasting option here


Private Custom Trips and Sake Experiences


Custom Curated Trip

Maybe you’re dying to have the best Japanese whiskey and wagyu in the world, or maybe you want to have a beautiful cocktail tour along with some mouthwatering sushi, or even your very own ramen marathon - whatever you’re craving or whatever your budget - I have you covered because the possibilities are endless.

As a food writer living in Japan, I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to knowing how to choose the best options for your culinary desires and budget. Tell me what foods you are looking to enjoy and how much you are looking to spend, or simply leave it all up to me. Once you let me know a general idea of what your are looking for, I will plan a well thought out, custom curated experience for you to enjoy.

I will initially give one general recommended rundown based on your preferences, then take care of setting up the reservations and bookings.

Choose between me coming along as a guide or go self guided once your itinerary is fully set. If you go self guided you won’t have me there to help navigate you through the streets or help you order, but part of the services provided will be having me on call to help the process run smoothly should you need to text or call for any guidance throughout your planned food trip.

Please note that most tours require me to go along as a guide because of invite only locations, but the luxury of having me there is to help you find very hard to find locations and help you order from all Japanese menus and Japanese speaking staff. Another added bonus of having me there is to recommend certain dishes and help communicate any food allergies or restrictions.

All custom trips are private so your itineraries are fully flexible and fun!

My Favorite Area Recommendations Include:

  • Ebisu - Awesome Izakayas, Frozen Sake, Craft Cocktails and more on this Evening Trip.

  • Shibuya - Bright Lights, Underground Cocktail Bars, Standing Sushi bars, and more on this Evening Trip.

  • Sangenjaya - Hidden Alleyways, Secret Sake Bars, and one of my Favorite Chefs in Tokyo on this Evening Trip.

  • Kichijoji - A quaint area full of great food next to a gorgeous park for an Afternoon Trip.

    Or enjoy some well curated bites amidst the charming street lights on an Evening Trip.

  • Shimokitazawa - A quirky hipster area, full of delicious coffee shops, vintage clothing stores, awesome gyoza, and the best soup curry of your life on this Afternoon or Evening Food Trip.

  • Harajuku - An area full of creative sugary sweets, colorful shops, a beautiful bistro lunch stop, and the best sesame ice cream ever on this Afternoon Trip. Also a great opportunity to buy some very cute souvenirs.

  • Tsukiji - Formerly known as Tokyo’s main fish market, this area is still busting with delicious treats. Sample things such as fresh tuna, uni, eel, Japanese egg omelette, mochi sweets, or natural sake. A perfect opportunity to buy quality kitchen souvenirs such as knives and dish wear on this early Afternoon Trip.

  • Kamakura - A full day trip to what is also known as “mini-Kyoto,” where we explore gorgeous temples, drink beautiful tea, eat award winning ramen, delicious handmade curry, traditional soba, kakigori or other amazing treats. (Requires more than four hours)

Private Guided Trip - Starting at $198 per person and up.

(Transportation and food are not included. Private tours generally run around four hours. Full days are available for additional pricing. Parties of one and parties larger than four are subject to additional charges)

Self Guided Trip - $200 flat fee (Four location itinerary plus concierge booking services are included. Parties larger than four are subject to additional charges)


Exclusive Evening Sake Trip

Whether you want to continue the night after your amazing food trip or simply want to skip the food and head straight to the sake, this experience is truly one you will never forget. The setting of this sake experience begins in a place truly unlike anywhere else in the world. This exclusive members-only sake bar feels otherworldly. As you step inside, you feel as though you are in the middle of an art exhibition. The main visual focal points are two traditional Ikebana arrangements, which are carefully hand crafted every day and illuminated by one light source. The dim lighting and classical music is quiet and mysterious. The sake being served here is always exclusive and rare. Begin the adventure like the samurais used to do with a taste of freshly grated wasabi and a dash of salt, then enjoy the sake ride! If you’re hungry for some food after the tasting, choose the option of some great artisanal ramen for that perfect night cap.

Where: Nakameguro

When: 9:30pm

What: Experience various craft sakes from small batch producers all over Japan in an unforgettable setting.

Price per person: $225



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