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Japan Food Trips



Trip out on the number one culinary destination in the world.

Welcome to Japan Food Trips! The only guided food trip of it's kind. Our food trips take you away from the obvious tourist traps, offering you a true local perspective on Japanese culture and cuisine. Japan can be overwhelming to navigate because of language barriers and hard to find hidden gems, but our goal is to take the stress and thinking work out of the equation, so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing food Japan has to offer.

Schedule a trip today, and embark on a magical journey full of amazing food and unforgettable experiences all around. 



Japan Food Trips provides personal guided afternoon and evening food trips for small groups throughout the local streets of Japan. The trips provide a unique opportunity to learn about Japanese food and the culture surrounding it. You’ll eat unforgettable dishes in a variety of amazing places.



Japan Food Trips takes the intimidation factor out of dining in Japan's cultural hub. We’ll act as your trusted guide, taking you to our favorite vendors and restaurants. We know the cuisine, we know the country, and we’ll show you why we’ve fallen in love with Japan, its people, and its food.


Afternoon Trips

Quaint eateries, traditional sweets, Japanese Gardens


An afternoon strolling through picturesque streets and perfect food

Our afternoon trips take you around neighborhoods known for their stylish streets and delicious food. We begin the trips at a designated meeting destination and set out on foot for an assortment of flavors. Generally we begin with a lunch set at one of our trusted eateries, then continue on for more snacks, sweets, and treats. In between locations, we stop along the way for photography opportunities and point out any notable points of interest.


"Walking along the Meguro river after eating the most amazing lunch in such a pretty local area felt like a dream."

— Rebecca V. (Los Angeles)


Evening Trips

Bustling Izakayas & Alley Ways of Gems


an evening of lights, bites, and mouthwatering fun

Japan truly comes to life at night! Underneath the magical city lights, "salary men" and women go out on eating and drinking frenzies every night of the week. We'll be right there alongside them to take in the local vibes and of course, the good food. Wind in and out of exciting hidden alley ways full of secrets. The evening trips are a very fun way to get acquainted with the authentic foodie nightlife of Japan.

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"No stress, happy tummies and photos of a lifetime is what we walked away with. It was an unbelievable tour."

— Ami A. (New York)


Contact Us



If you would like to book a trip with us, please check out our booking page. For more detailed information about the types of trips, check out our trips page. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQS or feel free to send us an email at We prefer that you make a reservation online or by email, however if you would prefer to talk to a human, our phone number is (Japan) +81 050-5806-3126 or (US) +1 818-672-6344. We will get back to you as soon as we can.