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The Custom Curated Trip

Our original concept of Japan Food Trips began with the idea of crafting the perfect culinary experience for people visiting Japan. Enjoy the luxury of having a specialized food critic tour guide take you to the best of the best, based on your food and alcohol preferences as well as any food restrictions. We take care of setting up the reservations for you, so that you are guaranteed those hard to get tables. We also take care of ordering from the places with an all Japanese menu so you don't have to worry! All custom trips are private so you run the pace of where you want to go!

Where: Wherever your want

When: However long you want 

What: Includes concierge services to curate your perfect itinerary, make any necessary reservations, and a trusted food guide to take you around and handle all ordering in Japanese. 

Price Upon Request



Day Trippers



Locals Only - Day Trip

This is our signature trip. Here we explore the heart of Nakameguro and it's lovely hip eateries within the area. We begin the trip at our designated meeting destination and set out on foot along a river lined with cherry blossom trees and quaint cafes. From there we have a set meal at one of our favorite restaurants and continue onto other snacks and sweets along the way. This trip is known to slip in some champagne or sake as we stroll the river if you feel so inclined. It has also been known to end up at a gorgeous sky garden overlooking Tokyo, or a historic home built in 1919 boasting architecture from the Taisho era and a beautiful Japanese garden. (This is a fluid trip that constantly changes due to the many options we have).

Where: Nakameguro, Daikanyama, Ebisu

When: 11:30am - 3:30pm

What: This trip includes a lunch set, snacks, and desert. A set meal from one of our favorite hidden restaurants. Options include: Sushi, Karaage, Shabu Shabu, Yakitori Don, Artisanal Ramen, Japanese Curry, or Handmade Soba. Snacks and other stops are included along the way!

Price per person: $175 - 1 person group / $160 - 2 person group / $145 - 3 person group / $125 - 4 person group

(Sake Tasting Option is an additional $35 per person) 

The Breakfast Club - Day Trip 

This trip starts out at a secret breakfast location featuring a Japanese chef who spent years working at one of the top restaurants in Australia. After breakfast, we stroll by a slew of third wave Japanese coffee shops and an unforgettable bakery. We conclude our trip on top of a Sky Garden overlooking Tokyo.  

Where: Nakameguro, Ikejiri Ohashi

When: 9am - 11ish

What: Includes Breakfast, Coffee, and a Pastry

Price per person: $100 - 1 person group / $90 - 2 person group / $80 - 3 person group / $70 - 4 person group

(Sake Tasting Option is an additional $35 per person) 



"Your Name Here" Dreams of Sushi and Ramen - Day Trip

This is officially your last chance to experience a sushi tasting in the historical Tsukiji Fish Market! The Tsukiji fish market has finally been set to relocate in a much less desirable location come October 2018. Because of this, we decided to add this one "touristy spot" to our list. The difference however between our Tsukiji food trip compared to others is that we not only show you the freshest sushi breakfast in town, but we double up with an organic sake tasting and then triple it up with the most exquisite artisanal ramen. Depending on availability we feature a Tori-Paitan (Creamy Chicken Ramen), a Yuzu Soy Sauce Ramen, or a Tsukemen style ramen, that will ensure your level of insane satisfaction, because let's face it - sometimes sushi just isn't enough to fill you up for the day and we get that. 

Where: Tsukiji Fish Market & Ginza

When: 8am -12ish (later start time available upon request)

What: Includes Sushi, 1 glass of Organic Artisanal Sake, Ramen, and Snacks

Price per person: $175 - 1 person group / $160 - 2 person group / $145 - 3 person group / $125 - 4 person group


Night Trippers



Locals Only - Evening Trip

On this trip we explore the young hip dinner scene in Nakameguro. Hidden streets full of izakayas and bistros along the Meguro river make this a picture perfect setting. We begin our trip at a traditional izakaya amidst other hungry locals. After that, we head to a Japanese teppanyaki bistro and then a third location for more. You have the option of being dropped off at a secret bar after the food trip for that perfect extra night cap if you wish.

Where: Nakameguro

When: 5pm - 9pm

What: Includes one drink at each location, food can include specialty yakitori, teppanyaki grilled foods, gyoza and more.

Price per person: $185 - 1 person group / $170 - 2 person group / $150 - 3 person group / $125 - 4 person group

The Salaryman Experience - Evening Trip

Salarymen, Sake, and Sashimi... What more could you want? The Salaryman Experience perfectly sums up a typical night in Tokyo and evenings in Ebisu are no exception. Bustling with salary men and women thirsty for a good time, this trip heads straight to the party at one of the rowdiest Yokochos in the city. After eating our way through the izakaya area we head to a standing frozen sake bar where people from all over bounce to the beat. Once finished up with our frozen sake, we head to a seafood izakaya where we end the night with some sashimi.

Where: Ebisu

When: 5pm - 8pm

What: Includes Include one drink at each location, izakaya fare, and sashimi. 

Price per person: $185 - 1 person group / $170 - 2 person group / $150 - 3 person group / $125 - 4 person group


The Classy Supper Club - Evening Trip

On this special food trip, we take you through the lit alleyways of Sangenjaya, showing you our favorite secret sake bar and classy bistro izakaya - one of the best kept secrets in Tokyo. Our final destination features Chef Ken-Chan, who makes exquisite food with love. His dishes are packed with deep levels of flavor and made with seasonal farm-to-table ingredients. The atmosphere always feel like you're attending a dinner party at your best friend's home and is a guaranteed great time.

Where: Sangenjaya

When: 5pm - 9pm 

What: Includes a sake pairing with appetizers at a secret sake bar, traditional house made Japanese fare (sashimi, hand made gyoza, oden, seasonal vegetable dishes, etc.) and a night cap at one of our favorite hidden bars. (Sake and Cocktails can be switched to beer or other beverage of your choosing).

Price per person: $185 - 1 person group / $170 - 2 person group / $150 - 3 person group / $125 - 4 person group



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