Exclusive Sake Tasting at a Members Only Secret Location

Exclusive Sake Tasting at a Members Only Secret Location

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Step inside an exclusive members-only sake bar, serving some of the rarest sakes in the world, and enjoy an experience you will never forget.

Whether you want to continue the night after your amazing food trip or simply want to skip the food and head straight to the sake, this experience is truly one you will never forget. The setting of this sake experience begins in a place truly unlike anywhere else in the world. This exclusive members-only sake bar feels otherworldly. As you step inside, you feel as though you are in the middle of an art exhibition. The main visual focal points are two traditional Ikebana arrangements, which are carefully hand crafted every day and illuminated by one light source. The dim lighting and classical music is quiet and mysterious. The sake being served here are always exclusive, hard-to-find bottles. Begin the adventure like the samurais used to do with a taste of freshly grated wasabi and a dash of salt, then enjoy the sake ride! If you’re hungry for some food after the tasting, choose the option of some great artisanal ramen for that perfect night cap.

*Includes a tasting of three different craft sakes from small batch producers all over Japan.

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